Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Mr. Fix-It

 Our house goes on the market in March. 
Sad, but cannot wait to get into something bigger. 
We asked Grandpa to come up and fix a few things. This one being the garbage disposal. Jacob just had to get his hands dirty too. :) Usually Grandpa would be cussing up a storm or throwing some tools around, but I think this job was enjoyed! Nothing like a boy spending some time with his Gramps fixing things up! 
Of course I took pictures. 

Grandpa Day would be proud of them two plumbers!!

Grandpa telling him what goes where..
Watching closely...
Stole Grandpa's hat :o) Is this not the cutest picture ever? I think it is.

Jacob was handing over the screwdriver and an occasional spatula...


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