Sunday, November 11, 2012

...and we're back.

I think this will be one long post, mainly because i don't want to make multiple ones. Work and school have kept the Girdler household very busy and we are still fitting into our new home. Luckily, I get a break from school starting Wednesday. I will be off for break until January 7th! Thank goodness, seriously. I am so tired and Jacob and I need some much needed time together.

Brian also needs our support going into this retail holiday season.

Can you just take a minute and pray that no one tries to tear the gates down and trample him over some fleece zip-ups. Come on people, will some patience, you will get one. I am sure there are enough to go around.

When we left off, we were just moving into our house in Heyworth. Since then, we haven't really done too much, but try to focus on getting settled.

We did celebrate Jacob's 2nd birthday and since then have welcomed new members into the family. Amelia and Kaitlyn. We also last minute threw a costume together for Jacob to wear in the Heyworth parade/contest.

Also, I apologize to those who have sent me messages asking me to update and I just haven't had a chance. One of them being, you go. :)

2012 Trip to Wisconsin
Jacob caught his first fish, a bass, on his first cast.

He didn't like it so much

I LOVE him in his fishing attire, and we had to have snacks of course.

Working out that arm. Baseball season is right around the corner.

Takin' a ride in PaPa's four-wheeler.

Handsome...and I know it face.

Clearly we were tired by the end of the much to do out in the woods!

Here Jacob was helping feed the birds.

On our tour of Mike and Cyndi's land, Jacob fell asleep. Who does this? On the bumpiest ride ever, he passed out.
 Jacob's 2nd birthday

Mom and Dad bought a trampoline, which is currently in our basement still getting some use.

He loves it, notice the dirt on his face. haha:)

Goodies for the party...

Of course, this is what he did while I made the favors.
 We TRIED a toddler bed and we failed.
He is currently back in his crib. That could be a post on its own. He didn't sleep, we didn't sleep and I made sure to put that crib back together. Better luck next time! Although, he is climbing out of the crib now. *sigh*
 2012 Corn On The Ja-Cobb.

Best Auntie ever. She is there for everything!

Made friends with Spiderman. Look at that smile!

proud dad

Tied first place in his age group with princess. All of the costumes were adorable!
 The weather this weekend was amazing! On Friday Jacob and I went to the zoo AND the Discovery Museum (that place is awesome by the way). We spent most of our Saturday raking leaves and playing outside.

This is Jacob's new thing. Bossing mommy around. Boy is he good at it.

Hard at work with dad

'til next time!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Update

I think this is going to be the easiest way for me to update. I take pictures non-stop. These are a few of my favorites this past week...

 Helping out with the Special Olympics. We met some amazing people that night. 
 Just checking out my husband..
 We were invited to a cookout at Ian and Jessie's and Brian HAD to have this cake to bring along. :)
 My new customized planners. I also ordered a big one to hang on the fridge. Brian and I cannot, for the life of us, keep our plans straight. It's not here yet! It needs to hurry up!
 Snuggle time with Aunt Kylie! 
 LOVE this picture. He is so grown!
 Painted our half-bath this weekend. Now I just need some decor. 
Father's Day lunch with Dad! I have never seen my dad so happy. 
 I "blonded" my hair this week. I dig it for summer, up or down.